Inter-row post 60x40 STAR PLUS

Inter-row post for vineyards

Inter-row post for vineyards of Taborre & Tumbarello last creation, to satisfy intensive plants where the post must support vegetation and production at high heights. Its shape has been realized taking care in detail of the ribs that strengthen and guarantee reliability.

Inter-row post 44x36 STAR PLUS

Inter-row post for vineyards

The post was Inter-row post for vineyards made with ribs in a very undulating manner to form a star, guaranteeing and greatly increasing the stability and resistance to the torso-flexion. The distance between the hooks is 10 cm. and are made inside the post section. On request it is possible to realize the staggered hooks to increase the strength at the time of installation.

Inter-row post 55x39 MAXI

Inter-row Post for vineyards

The 55 x 39 MAXI Inter-row Post for vineyards is a particularly robust post, very stable and resistant to the torso-bending of mechanical harvesting machines. The slots are shaped in such a way as to facilitate the hooking of the wires and are placed at 10 cm one from the other, arranged outside the section of the post.

Finally conceived and designed to meet the countless and specific needs of numerous winemakers.

Inter-row post 44x31

Inter-row post for vineyards

The 44 x 31 Inter-row post for vineyards is a sturdy pole, thanks to the ribs that guarantee stability and resistance to the torso-bending of mechanical harvesting machines. The post is provided with a series of hooks made outside the supporting section.

Head Post 55 x 39

Head Post for vineyards

The head post for vineyards has an open section forming a “U” of 55x39 mm with longitudinal ribs, shaped  in such a way to mantain in time the reliability and the robustness. 
It is made with a stickness of 1,5mm, 1,8 mm e 2,00 mm.
It is presented in the versions with tubular stretch wire and single central hole.
In the tubular stretch wire version the wire is housed in the stretch wire side eyelets. In the single central hole version is possible to adapt any type of stretch wire.

Head Post 60 x 55

Head Post for vineyards

The head post 60x55 for vineyards is designed to support vineyard row of over 500 m. in length, bearing considerable weight loads.

Its finally form was reached after testing countless prototypes in the field with the aid of experts in the trade.

The ribs present in the ensure reliability and robustness. Very suitable to the stresses caused by mechanical harvesting.

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