Spring spacer

Spring spacer for vineyard.

Spring spacer allows you to manage the pair of wires without having to detach them. In particular:
- with an open spring, the pair of wires remains widely spread in such a way as to allow the shoots to grow inside
- with the spring closed, the vegetation is pushed towards the pole and forced to continue growing upwards. This operation must be carried out before mechanical harvesting.

"Quick Connection" tensioner

"Quick Connection" tensioner for vineyards.

The fixing of the wires to the vertical supports and their retirement play a decisive role for the stability of the espalier and for the management of green pruning operations.

Anchors - Disk anchors for vineyards

Disk anchors for vineyards.

The hot-dip galvanized and black vineyard anchors consist of an element fixed in the ground and one or more connecting wires that ensure stability and durability to the system.

It is the simplest, most versatile and economical anchoring system, particularly suitable for soils without skeleton. Burying takes place by rotation of the anchor around the axis of the rod, so that the helicopter part can screw into the ground and deepen up to the desired altitude.

It has an excellent seal and allows immediate tensioning of the system.

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