The stake has a section of 44x31 mm and it has been made with a plate thick 1,5 mm and 1,25 mm.
The profile has been created in order to avoid problems with the stake's instability when planted in the ground and under strain. The present ribs are enough to guarantee the stability considerably increasing to the torsion and
 bending resistance. The stake is províded with a series of hooks made externally to the supporting section.    
The hooks are presented in two versions, single hook and double hook. They have been made in order to enable a perfect attaching of the wire even in grounds with slopes and/or dip.The hooks, parallel on the sides, allow a comfortable and simple installation of the wires and in
 case of an accidental breaking of the stake, it's possible an easy and rapid substitution of the piece.
Moreover it's possible the disposal of two couples of parallel wires, do without further additional expenditure for the accessories.

"Single" hooks "double" hooks  
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